Organic Update

Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that from 1st March 2023 we are no longer organic certified.

We have decided to do this because of the costs of certification and the closure of our organic poultry abbatoir.

We aren’t changing the way we farm, we are just no longer maintaining our organic certification and we welcome any questions about that.

We will be updating our name, branding and website address in due course to reflect this change.

Thanks as always for your support!



Keepers Cottage Organics started in 200?? On a 7 acre smallholding in Staffordshire and from Katie’s desire to live off the land, to grow veg and rear animals for meat so that she knew exactly how everything on her plate had been reared or grown and taking care of the land to ensure a sustainable production without damage to the wider environment.

An opportunity arose to co farm on an organic farm near Stoke On Trent. Katie moved her beloved rare breed pigs to the new farm and Keepers Cottage Organics was born. The emphasis shifted to producing the highest quality pork and poultry from.animals with exceptional welfare standards.

In May 2020 Katie bought her own land in Derbyshire and put it into organic conversion. We have a mixture of woodland, upland grazing and meadow fields.

The emphasis now changed to balancing meat production with being the custodians of a beautiful parcel of land on Bradwell Edge.

This is not easy farming, and it is driven by being grateful for what the land can provide for us, rather than a need to produce a target from it.

We have woodland for the pigs, upland grazing for the sheep and goats, and meadow fields for the poultry. We also have a mass of biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna to take care of.

You join us in 2021 along our farming journey…



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