Our Animals

We aim to keep closed herds of pigs and sheep. This means that all the animals are born and reared on the farm. They are all kept outdoors all year round and “grow slowly”.

The breeds we keep have to be hardy and suited to outdoors living! They may take longer to get to slaughter time, but we aren’t in a hurry and the meat is tasty because of that.

Our pigs are rare breed pure British Saddlebacks (or cross). Our sheep are Herdwicks. Our chickens are a slow growing variety of Hubbard. Again suited for foraging out on the range. We bring them in as day old chicks and rear them in small batches with access to outside as soon as they are feathered up! Our husbandry means that the chickens are more likely to exhibit natural behaviour and believe it or not the chickens have their own social group of chicken friends.